Can we fast forward to go down on me?

Hi! the name's Juliette and I like stuff. I like movies and television shows like sherlock, supernatural, bands, marvel, etc.

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This is the timeline expressions of my day to day life decisions

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This was ad-libbed by the voice actor, Craig Ferguson and they chose to keep it in because they loved it. Kids won’t get it but adults will be thinking “did he just imply what I think he implied?”

And later the director confirmed it.

DeBlois revealed that, the reason Gobber never got married, is because he is homosexual. This makes him the first homosexual character of the franchise, and even DreamWorks itself.

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The first album vs The recent album

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I hate shopping for these baggies because I don’t know if I want the ones that come with cookies or the ones that come with vegetables

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Vessel // Twenty One Pilots

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